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eFence Xtreme


eFence Xtreme (eFX) is a powerful custom CRM software product designed for the pet containment industry.


eFX helps you run your business more efficiently by saving time and increasing revenue.  Our software will allow you to better manage your data and quickly gain a greater understanding of all facets of your business, freeing you to focus on the more personal and fulfilling aspects of business ownership.

  • Manage all your entity relationships for leads, prospects, customers, vendors, and employees.

  • Ability to track the full process of converting a lead into a customer.

  • Maintain all your customer's pet information.

  • Create orders, receive payments, invoicing, and emailing of invoicing.

  • Directly integrated with merchant services for lightning fast payments.

  • Attach documents directly to an entity's record.  Attach their property maps, dog pictures, initial signed agreements, and any other file type.

  • Scheduling for your sales rep, service techs, trainers, and any other employees.

  • Integrated Google Mapping to schedule more efficiently.

  • Automated Battery Plan process with ability to print labels, renewal notices, process single shipment, and process auto-renewals.

  • Process recurring payments

  • Full tracking of service and maintenance schedules

  • Inventory tracking for both serialized, non-serialized, and inventory by location.

While we still maintain customer support for eFence Xtreme, we no longer offer it as a product. Currently we offer Xtreme, an improved, cloud-based CRM that can handle all of these needs and more!

Click here to learn more about Xtreme.

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