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Our software products integrate directly with other programs and devices.


Currently we directly integrate with QuickBooks™ (QB), Merchant Warehouse, Ring Central, and Barcode scanners.


  • The QuickBooks Integration (QBI) seamlessly transfers your data to QB eliminating double entry.  Enter all your purchase orders, inventory control, invoices, and payments into our CRM and then transfer to QB via the QBI tool


  • Merchant services integration with CAYAN™ allows you to process all your credit and debit card needs directly from any of our CRM packages.  It also allows you to process payments in the field via keyed, on file, or scanned transactions.


  • Barcode scanning allows you to scan your serialized products into inventory and manage those items.


  • Ring Central integrates directly with their VOIP soft phone on your desktop. When you receive a call we match that number in your CRM.  It will then display a pop-up of the match and allow you to click on the entity to have them in focus before you even answer the phone.  This save countless time through out the day.

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