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Xtreme for Pet Containment

  • Manage all your entity relationships for leads, prospects, customers, vendors, and employees.

  • Ability to track the full process of converting a lead into a customer.

  • Maintain all your customer's pet information.

  • Automated Battery Plan process with ability to print labels, renewal notices, process single shipment, multiple shipment, and process auto-renewals.

  • Create orders, receive payments, invoicing, and emailing of invoicing.

  • Automated tax code system for making orders based upon location.

  • Directly integrated with merchant services for lightning fast payments.

  • Attach documents directly to an entity's record.  Attach their property maps, dog pictures, initial signed agreements, and any other file type.

  • Scheduling for your sales rep, service techs, trainers, and any other employees.

  • Integrated Google Mapping to schedule more efficiently.

  • Inventory tracking for both serialized, non-serialized, and inventory by location.

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