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Xtreme for Water Treatment

  • Manage all your entity relationships for leads, prospects, customers, vendors, and employees.

  • Ability to track the full sales cycle.

  • Track all your water test results for arrival, raw, and departure.

  • Utilize a process called LADSI - Lead, Appointment, Demo, Sale, and Install.  This will allow you to do reporting based off your Sales Reps and sources to find out who and what sources are performing the best.

  • Create orders, receive payments, invoicing, and emailing of invoicing.

  • Directly integrated with merchant services for lightning fast payments.

  • Attach documents directly to your entity's record.  Attach their system location, the plumbing for insurance purposes, their initial agreement, and much more.  Attach any file type.

  • Scheduling for your sales rep, service techs, trainers, and any other employees.

  • Integrated Google Mapping to schedule more efficiently.

  • Track and maintain service dates for equipment.

  • Inventory tracking for both serialized, non-serialized, and inventory by location.

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